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Brachytherapy Excellent Choice for Any Age

For years doctors have recommended prostatectomy – surgical removal of the prostate gland – for men with prostate cancer, especially young men.  However, a new study confirms what Chicago Prostate Cancer Center doctors have believed for years – age is not a factor when men of all ages were studied to compare the success of surgery versus brachytherapy (seed implant) in patients with low-risk prostate cancer.  As stated in the article, “Young age should not be a deterrent when considering brachytherapy as a primary treatment option for clinically localized prostate cancer.”

Burri RJ, Ho AY, Forsythe K, Cesaretti JA, Stone NN, Stock RG (2009) Young Men Have Equivalent Biochemical Outcomes Compared with Older Men After Treatment With Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2009 Dec 29.

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Comparing Surgery vs. Brachytherapy

A recent study published out of Italy, showed that in patients with low-risk prostate cancer the disease-free survival rate was the same for both surgery (complete removal of the prostate surgically) and brachytherapy (seed implant) after five years.  200 patients were randomly split into two groups, Group 1 receiving surgery and Group 2 receiving brachytherapy.  At 6 months, brachytherapy patients did not experience any urinary incontinence, while 18.4% of the surgery group did.  Also, brachytherapy patients had much stronger erectile function recovery at 6 months.  Erectile function was also stronger at a year and at 5 years in patients who had brachytherapy over surgery.

This study showed the “cure” rate between surgery and brachytherapy to be the same; while the brachytherapy group had fewer issues with urinary incontinence early on and better sexual function overall.

Here at Chicago Prostate Cancer Center we have found similar results in our treatment of over 10,000 patients.

Gilberti C, Chiono L, Gallo F, Schenone M, Gastaldi E (2009) Radical retropubic prostatectomy versus brachytherapy for low-risk prostatic cancer: a prospective study. World J Urol27:607-612. doi 10.1007/s00345-009-0418-9

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