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What is a Prostate Cancer Support Group?

Support groups connect people facing similar challenges. Members share experiences and advice with one another. Since 1998, ChicagoProstateCenter has hosted prostate cancer support group meetings once a month, where a physician and support staff are present to answer questions and discuss current research information, treatment options and what’s new in the treatment of prostate cancer.

CPC asked three patients who attend support group on a regular basis what this support group means to them and what their experience has been. Dick was diagnosed with prostate cancer fourteen years ago and has been attending CPC’s support group since 1998. Dick commented, “support groups keep me updated with prostate cancer and the different treatment options that are new.” Dick is also very grateful to have met amazing people throughout the years and loves helping men in need.  Eddie stated, “I was a basket case when I found out that I had prostate cancer. I didn’t know what to do, very nervous; it really helped having a hands-on physician to help answer my questions.” Eddie added, “it gives you piece of mind and it relaxes you knowing that there are different methods of treatment, and there are other men going through these same issues.” At the last support group meeting, Eddie brought a friend along and his friend was blown away that there was an actual physician there to answer any questions without having to make an appointment. Another regular attendee, Larry, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer seventeen years ago, said, “The urologist told me that I have only two years to live. I was nervous; looked into every type of option, saw specialists all around the world and even tried dieting (which did not work).” Four years of research later, he was treated with brachytherapy, which is radiation seed implants. The three patients all had the same outlook on the support group experience– that it is a wonderful place to meet new people, help men who have been newly diagnosed or were just treated with their questions.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and are looking to discuss treatment options, have had a recent seed implant or other treatment for prostate cancer and want to share your experience with others, if you want to listen, ask specific questions about treatment options or meet other patients, this support group is for you.  Spouses, partners, friends and family members are welcome to attend.

The staff and other guests are there to help answer questions and give the tools needed to make an informed treatment decision and maintain your current quality of life. We meet the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 pm at ChicagoProstateCenter in Westmont.  For details and dates for the upcoming support group meetings, please visit and click on the Upcoming Events page.


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