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Brachytherapy improves outcomes in men age 60 and younger with prostate cancer

Comparing 8-year survival with LDR brachtherapy (BRT) or with external beam radiation (EBRT)

Life saving advantages of low-dose rate brachytherapy, or seed implant, were demonstrated in a recent study that compared seed implant to external beam radiation treatment (EBRT) eight years after treatment.

Better survival with LDR Brachytherapy

Men who were treated with low-dose rate brachytherapy at ages 60 years and younger survived at twice the rate when compared to men treated with external beam radiation treatment (EBRT) alone.

Men in higher risk groups also benefit

Even for men in subgroups associated with greater mortality risk— high Gleason score, black race, higher Tumor (T) stage and grade— LDR brachytherapy still demonstrated significantly reduced death rate.  Conducted by researchers at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine, the study emphasizes the importance of brachytherapy for men considering a treatment option that provides excellent outcomes.

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